1. Landscape

A peaceful, idyllische landscape of the Gard is coined/shaped by olivenbaeumen, vineyards and lavendel. The green landscape extends up to the suddenly dropping Auslaeufern of the central massif of the Ardèche. Caves and natural rock elbows form a spectacular window blind. Embedded into the valleys lie villages, which probably already existed at times of the Romans.

2. Climate

The whole year over is sun-delicate this region. In the hills repeatedly a recreating Brise blows, and in spring and autumn it can be cool here sometimes in the evening and on the early morning.

3. History and architecture

Many places and objects of interest decrease/go back to the Romans. To the fall of Rome the region went to the Westgoten, the Sarazenen and then at France.

Numerous fastened villages and castles witness from martial Middle Ages.

4. Trips

Nimes (decreases/goes back to the Roman city Memausus) (60 km), Avignon, the monument-protected city Uzes with duke palace (40 km), Pont you Gard (50 km), Vallon Pont dArc (39 km), Ardèchetal, national park Cevennen etc..

5. Sport and leisure activities

- bathing, fishing rods and Kanufahren in the rivers Cèze, Ardèche, Gardon
one finds frequently both safe, shallow places for children, and deep basins

- a multiplicity move on -, bicycle and bridle paths, which are often marked and out-described.

- at many places one can rent bicycles, kanus or Kayaks. One can undertake Ponytrekking or raft travels by the currentfast and ravines.

6. a few objects of interest in the periphery of approx. 30 km

- a steam railway drives Gard from Anduze to pc. Jean you and from Tournon to Lamastre a delightful kind the landscape to enjoy

- Praehistori museum between Alès and pc. Ambroix

- bamboo garden between Alès and Anduze

- cave of the Cocalière (3 km) one of the three most beautiful tropfsteinhoehlen of France

- lock of Rousson residence Louis XIII and full memories of cardinal Richelieu

- and much more besides to discovering e.g. the Haribomuseum (Uzès) not only for children interesting

Gard and Cevennen were once the world center of the silk trade and in the Cevenole villages Monoblet and pc. Hippolyte you away can one still beautiful examples of silk work admire. In Vallon Pont D Arc is a silk crawler-type vehicle breed.